Anand Tirth Dharm Sangh


  1. To promote National Integration, Communal Harmony, Universal Brotherhood and Global Peace.
  2. To promote and advocate Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex and language.
  3. To explore ways for promotion of socio-economics development in the community, society / religion.
  4. To train the downtrodden people in general for human resource development in view of the emerging needs such as database development, resource survey methodologies, computer, environmental studies, health, education and energy problems.
  5. To communicate and coordinate with the Govt. Local and public authorities on various issues related to development, welfare and public interest on different subjects.
  6. To make people aware about various social issues for fighting against evils.
  7. To promote and protect Indian Traditional music, games, dance, handicraft, handlooms, Art, modern art and literature.
  8. To work for Environmental Protection, Forestation, Plantation, Waste Land Management.
  9. To undertake activities for sensitizing people to preserve the natural resources of our nation and to maintain the ecological balance of the area.
  10. To create a sense of brotherhood, love, humanity, affection, cooperation and friendship amongst the members of the trust and beneficiaries.
  11. To save or protect National Heritage, Buildings or Places of the archaeological & historic importance.
  12. To prepare missionaries and facilitate them and sensitize people for uprooting jealousy, hate, evils, injustice, tyranny and heavenly this on earth by keeping above the communalism, casteism, and the feeling of sex, creed as per the learning and principles of Jainism.
  13. To do research and spread the uses of non-conventional energies like biogas, solar energy, gobar gas particularly in rural areas.
  14. To identify and support grass-root voluntary organizations technically and financially to implement socially welfare and development programs.
  15. To undertake and promote the publication & translation of journal, research papers and books and to develop the audio-visual program to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the objectives of the trust.
  16. To arrange lectures (Pravachan), seminars, conferences, training programs etc. for improving and propagating moral and spiritual values and thoughts in the Jain (Hindu) Community to develop habit of giving donations and supporting fellow members of the Jain (Hindu) Community.
  17. To work for establishing unity of thought based on cultural values and to provide training in spiritual and religious practices on Jainism.
  18. Object to carry on social service for upliftment of poor belonging to Jain (Hindu) community without cognizance of creed or race by means of education, medical, social relief including distribution of food without charge, medical remedies etc.
  19. To identify the hidden human resources among poor, underprivileged person particularly in the fields of Sports, Music, fine arts and other creative works and to develop the same for the respective individuals and the Jain (Hindu) community.
  20. To encourage the emerging artists and their talents so that they can get proper recognition with and beyond the country.
  21. To organize awareness camps, health camps, March, workshops, campaign and exhibition for Jain (Hindu) community.
  22. To arrange and organize religious, social and cultural programmers for Jain (Hindu) community from time to time.
  23. To establish and run stables for cows to save them from the victimization and killings and to develop cow shelters for preservation and conservation of cows and to encourage people to keep cows and develop their bread. To conduct medicinal research on curd, ghee, cow urine, cow dung.
  24. To synchronize and control the activities of affiliated groups from all over India.
  25. To form association of volunteers at village, Tehsil, District, Region and State level to be decided by the Managing Committee of the Trust.
  26. To work in cooperation with other Associations, Organization, Trust having aims and objects of this Trust.
  27. To take over collaborations or amalgamate with any other trust, society, Association or Institute, which is working in the similar objects of the Society.
  28. To do all such things and acts that may be necessary for effectively carrying out the aforesaid objects.


  1. To assist poor and underprivileged persons particularly woman, disabled from Jain (Hindu) community to understand their potential and to self-develop through their voluntary action.
  2. To providing education scholarship/assistance, medical assistance and rehabilitation of poor and needy persons and mediclaim in consultation with various groups.
  3. To assist women and men to form self-help groups with savings and credit activities and to promote rural banking in villages.
  4. To organize people into like-minded groups, like farmer group, youth group, woman self-help group, to exercise collective planning and action.
  5. To start and assist relief measures in those parts of the country will become affected by natural calamities like fire, famine, flood, earthquake etc.
  6. To construct, maintain, alter, improve or develop any building and infrastructure facilities belonging to the Trust.
  7. To fight HIV/AIDS and other such communicable diseases.
  8. To establish an award for deserving people in the fields of music, art, grass root level social service, communal harmony, brotherhood and peace.
  9. To promote and support voluntary donation of blood, eyes and other parts of the human body.
  10. To provide and distribute free medicine, clothes, food items etc. to poor, helpless, downtrodden and underprivileged persons and tribals.
  11. To run free educational centers and to facilitate to worthy, poor and helpless orphan students by providing clothes, food, study material and hostel facilities.
  12. Organization of group marriage for the marriageable poor and orphaned girls and to help them in establishing their house. Also to help organization involved in such activities.
  13. To collect applications of deserving persons and to circulate the same within the concerned groups for providing assistance in order to avoid duplication of assistance.
  14. To establish, administer and to manage Sanskar Centre of Jain (Hindu) community.
  15. To establish training centre for training volunteers.
  16. To make best efforts for promotion, development and protection of the beneficiaries/target population and help them in distress.
  17. To issue appeals raise funds and accept gifts, donation, subscriptions, grants in cash or in kind and take financial assistance, advances, loans, cash credit limits or any type of cash facility from any bank, financial trusts and from any person or persons and to mortgage, pledge or otherwise utilize the property of the Trust whether moveable or immovable, for the above purposes, if required and to execute all relevant document, which may be necessary for availing such financial assistance, advance, loan or cash-credit limit/facility for the achievement of the objective of the Trust.
  18. To acquire, purchase or otherwise own or undertake loan or lease or hire temporarily or permanently and movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objects of the Trust.
  19. To sell, manage, transfer, exchange, mortgage, dispose off or otherwise deal with any property or assets belonging to the Trust.
  20. To collect the periodical information and audited accounts of all affiliated groups from time to time. To consolidate and circulate the same amongst the members of all the affiliated groups.
  21. To formulate rules and guidelines for associations to be formed to synchronize and control the activities of affiliated groups from all over India.
  22. To celebrate annual day of the Trust as cultural and social event.
  23. To do all acts, deeds and things, legally admissible as are conducive to the attainments of any or all the objectives of the Trust.


1 Mr. Shantilal Pannalal Kinvasara 79 Pune Business Chairman
2 Mr. Ramesh Mohanlal Chordiya 64 Pune Business Vice-Chairman
3 Mr. Arun Bhagchand Katariya 46 Pune Business Treasurer
4 Mr. Vijay Jawaharmal Jain 64 Pune Business Secretary
5 Mr. Nitin Bansilal Banthiya 47 Pune Business Trustee
6 Mr. Surendra Vinodkumar Ostwal 40 Pune Business Trustee
7 Mr. Ashok Devichand Muthiyan 67 Pune Business Trustee


c/o Mr. R. J. Sancheti, Flat No. 8,

Puja Society, 686/2A/2B, Bibewadi, Pune – 411 037