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Every being is endowed with an inner potential called Arhata - its supreme, highest potential. Arham is one who manifests one’s own Arhata. Vijja means knowledge; therefore learning to touch one’s best is Arham Vijja.

This is the goal of Arham Vijja Foundation - to evolve techniques, method and philosophy of manifesting one’s ultimate inner self. All religions, traditions and all forms of meditation aim to reach this state of perfection. Be it an individual, family, society or any group - the knowledge and process that will help to manifest their innermost best is what Arham Vijja is all about. Here, sufficient research and inner experimentation has been put in to evolve simple ways which will appeal both to the youth of today and to the older generation.

What makes human life magical is the endless potential and possibilities it offers. What makes it a challenge is the endless problems and blocks that come along. What makes it tragic is the undefined pain surrounding it. For centuries, seers have reflected over this myriad quality of life, in search for a common pattern. And this search has given them clues, hints and tips about the nature of problems as well as the possible solutions.

Such is the life journey of our Gurudev - Upadhyaya Rishi Praveen. A mystical wanderer, he moves on, over unseen paths and trails, unravelling hidden meanings and providing insights from the pages of the Agamas (Jain scriptures). For what is the purpose of the Agamas but to show us the best way to live, and the best way to die! With his intuition and study, Gurudev sheds light on mystifying issues like the way of birth and rebirth, as well as the way to end this endless cycle.

This is how the vision of Arham Vijja was born. It is a complete process from conception to death, and to maximise the joy and beauty that life can be.

Our Mentor

Gurudev Upadhyaya Rishi Praveen

Gurudev is the founder of Arham Vijja, an organization that offers holistic solutions to life problems. His discourses, meditation workshops and training programs cater to people of all ages and backgrounds, and provides growth opportunities for learners. He has challenged orthodox ideologies and superstitions and promotes a balance between tradition and modernity, religion and science, and theory and practice.

He is an esteemed Jain monk and walks barefoot across the length and breadth of the country to spread the message of Tirthankar Mahaveer.

Anand Tirth

Our Team

Mrs. Kanta Devi Ji Chordia
(Chennai, TN)
Mrs. Sunita Ji Chhajlani
Working President
(Indore, MP)
Mr. Naveen Ji Galada
(Chennai, TN)
Mr. Santosh Ji Mandlecha
(Nashik, MH)
Mr. Jethmal Ji Chordia
(Chennai, TN)
Mr. Bharat Ji Chordia
Joint Treasurer
(Chennai, TN)