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For a child, the entire world is confined to and revolves around his parents. From basic needs, queries, demands and even survival, the child looks up to his parents. From sharing the smallest and weirdest of things to showing deepest of beliefs, child is totally devoted to his most favorite people in the world - Mom and Dad!

These kids are those lovely angels who keep running towards the mother who is actually hitting him. The child tries to hug her, crying, bantering but still running towards the lady he loves the most. When parents wish to hide something and enact throwing the thing in sky to showcase that crow took it away, the child innocently believes it. With not a single doubt in mind and teaches us what trust really is! What a devotion -isn`t it?

And, a few years later... parents say,

  • He doesn't share anything with us
  • He shouts at us
  • He does not listen
  • Raises his hand on us in violence

What happened? Where has this gap come from?? Who created it??? Why has the relation that was full of devotion turned into rebellion? Can this be bridged, and can the parents and child go back to the relationship filled of faith, love and respect? 

Answer to these questions is - "Yes".

Arham parenting offers to you practical training and works on 3 phases of parenting as below:

  1. Seed Batch - When the child is in womb and ready to come in world. (3rd Trimester of Pregnancy). 
  2. Bud Batch - For the parents of children below 8 years
  3. Bloom Batch - For the parents of children above 8 year

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