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Arham Garbh Sadhana is a holistic approach which empowers the couple to maximize the potential of the unborn & enrich it with supreme qualities. It has been changing lives for 25 years by helping couples prepare themselves for the journey of parenthood with complete awareness.

Our beliefs

  • Parents together can start structuring the child physically and emotionally even before conception
  • Parents have the power to transform the energy of the child right inside the womb.

Our Vision

  • To celebrate the miracle of human birth, by establishing a joyous parent - child relationship & experiencing a blissful pregnancy.
  • To raise a generation of physically, intellectually, emotionally & spiritually strong human beings.

Our Approach

  • AGS uses simple techniques that are universally acceptable, logical, scientific and result oriented.
  • The practices & techniques are based on colour therapy, form therapy, mantra therapy, breath synchronisation etc.


Our Strength Across the Globe:

 Our Participants                                   Our Certified Trainers

20,000+                                                                                                            500 +

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