Arham Mrityunjay ( Art of Dying )

The hightest peak of life for everyone, whether a saint or a disciple, a family man or ascetic is same, i.e., the time of death. Those final moments can be full of agony and pain or joy and playfulness. There can be feeling of pleasure while entering a new house or disappointment because the new house does not meet up your set expectations. On this basis we do preparations. The only science behind this is, our Spirit (Aatma) has four properties (characteristics) - Knowledge, Faith, Character and Energy. Among these the energy works neither with knowledge nor with feelings, not even according to habits.

We don't know how, when and where we will die, but we can decide that whenever we die, we shall be joyful. That day will be the most awaited one when we reach the highest peak of meditation with joy. We will not leave the world under compulsion, but with strength and contemplation.

There are some eternal truths in life, death follows birth. Two ends of one strand. Beyond this there is an eternal truth that birth is the entry of spirit in a new body and death is the change of body from old to new. Spiritually, there's no birth or death as the spirit is eternal. Birth and death are associated with the relation of body with soul. When you experience this eternal truth it is known as Sanlekhana (complete restraint / penance).

The mind of a person gets attached with the world, because of and thinking it gets associated with body such that he believes, "This body is mine and I am this body." But this body is not me, but it is my identity, I am not family, but it's my family.
Experience of identity remains till the end of life. Sadhana of Samadhi (Meditative Life) can be done by recalling and remembering every day that "I'm eternal, I'm soulful, I'm mindful." This body is my house but this is not eternal. The way I have accepted this body, I can leave it too. Reminding oneself of this every night before bed is the beginning of Art of Dying.

A person who lives with this experience accepts death very humbly. He is therefore called Mrityunjay - One who has won over death.
Every soul leaves old body and enters a new body. To accept this cycle of life - a philosophy, belief and method is needed. This is all what Arham Mrityunjay is!

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