Karma is a #trending word today, but unfortunately not well understood. Unravel the mysteries around "karma" to decode your life and encode the changes you wish to have in your life. Often, in life, we are embroiled in confusion, unable to understand the "why's" and "how's".

For all those unasked questions, understand "karma" with Gurudev Rishi Praveen, experience change in life with Gurudev's practical techniques, and pay it forward by upgrading yourself to become a Karma trainer. How many times do we feel "caught in a maze". (Karmic maze), going over and around the same set of circumstances in life, for this and so much more - "Secret of karma"

"Those ruthless humans
Foolish and unkindly
Do all funny things
And print my name blindly

Nevertheless I fear not
For I possess no fear
They breathed life into me
Yet I am unadorned and bare

They give me a name
And respect at will
The King of fools
Overlook themselves

They make they break
They blame it on me
I don't know to hate
Nor can I love

I am just a tool 
With a simple rule
You know it you win
Else you dance like a fool"

The above lines summarize how we have misunderstood Karma. Rishi Praveen has emphasized that Karma can be created, modified and destroyed. We just need to learn how.

Come, learn from the master himself...

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