Unique Relationship:

Your life is full of different kinds of relationships. Of all the relationships, the one between husband and wife is given a special status. They become companions in the journey of life. This is why your spouse is known as 'jeevan sathi' in Hindi, meaning life partner.

What makes the marital relationship so meaningful and significant? A marriage is the root of all relationships without which no new relationship can bloom. It lays the foundation of a family and nurtures it. Marriage is the core, life-giving relationship that drives and sustains the human world.

If this life-giving relationship is sorrowful, your world will be sorrowful.
If this relationship is beautiful, your world will be beautiful.
If it is joyful, then your world will be joyous.

When you are unhappy in your marriage, you may become frustrated and look for ways to end the relationship, to seek comfort with other partners, or become depressed. Why so? Simply because no one guided you to build a good marriage or troubleshoot problems as and when they arose. You probably did not know how to see the hidden strengths in your relationship.

Role of Arham Blissful Couple Programme:

The Arham Blissful Couple programme is going to change this pattern. 'Arham' means infinite possibility and the goal of this programme is to turn possibilities into reality. It will help you find the hidden potential in your marital relationship and experience fulfilment with each other.

The concept of Arham Blissful Couple is inspired by the path of the householder from the Jaina texts. It is a way of life taught by Tirthankara Mahavira. The term 'tirthankara' means a fordmaker, or one who shows the way. Mahavira, the twenty- fourth tirthankara propounded this path to pave the way for householders to find fulfilment in their worldly life as well as their spiritual life. Tirthankara Mahavira laid down two paths, both of which aim for the ultimate goal of liberation.

  • The path of the ascetics, also known as Shramana Dharma
  • The path of the householders, also known as Grihastha / Shravaka Dharma

The Grihastha Dharma is prescribed for those who lead a family life: the shravakas (male householder) and shravikas (female householder). It is a path of shared responsibility. Guided by their Gurus, the husband and wife help each other on the path to liberation.

This programme is for those of you who have chosen family life. As life- partners, you become each other's strength and support, and the shared path is made more joyous. By undertaking spiritual practices as a householder, you can spontaneously find a way to make each other divine.

Therefore, your life as a householder is not something you need to shed before you can make spiritual progress. Rather, it is a golden opportunity to achieve joy and enlightenment.

What Arham Blissful Couple Promises?

As you start to understand the facets of this relationship and undertake the processes outlined, you will, joyously and effortlessly, begin to see a change. You will:

  • Become responsible for each other
  • Help each other blossom
  • Awaken the excellence in each other Work together on the path to liberation
  • And become true companions for life and eternity.

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