Make pilgrimage at home with Navkar Kalash, whose rituals bring peace at home from whose code of conduct we will get the values, due to which we will have a unique identity.

The aim of Navkar Kalash is that the 'individual, family and society' should be enriched with faith - devotion - reverence. Navkar Kalash is the worship of the divine form with faith and devotion.

This meditation is ostentation-free, unnecessary rituals-free.

There is neither blind faith nor false faith in this. The clear meaning of Navkar Tirth Kalash is that 'Namaskar Mahamantra' is Supreme and the Kalash is just an auspicious figure.

Meditation on the auspicious figure is the path of 'institution thought' in meditation. Panch Parmeshthi is worshiped in Navkar Tirth Kalash.

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