Religion of Non-Violence & Compassion

Jainism is an ancient and timeless religion, without any beginning or end. Through the epochs, the Tirthankars (fordmakers) have spread this religion to the masses, and re–established the religious order from time to time.

At present, we are following the religious order set up by Tirthankar Mahaveer about 2500 years ago. He was the twenty–fourth Tirthankar of Jainism. He revived this great religion, emphasizing the importance of non–violence and compassion towards all. He opposed the prevalent animal sacrifices and orthodox religious practices. He established the religious order (sangha) and accrued a large number of disciples. The Jaina Acharyas, sadhus and sadhvis devote their lives in propagating this religion. The Jaina community accepts and respects them as the religious teachers.

Jainism is a religion of compassion, non–violence and non–possession. It states that friendliness and universal love for all creatures, big or small, is the path to eternal bliss. This idea springs from its belief that all creatures are equal since each one has a divine soul within. Knowing this, we must not harm any creature and live in peaceful co–existence.

Tirthankar Mahaveer

Great Seer & Fordmaker

Mahaveer Swami is the twenty–fourth, and most recent Tirthankar (fordmaker) of our epoch. His life is both inspiring and thought–provoking. Over the past 2500 years, millions have drawn inspiration from him and practiced non–violence, compassion and vegetarianism. Even now, there are over ten million followers of Tirthankar Mahaveer.

He was born in 599 BC to King Siddharth and Queen Trishla of Kundagram (Bihar, India). The name given to him at birth was Vardhaman. He renounced the world to become a monk at the age of 30, leaving his family and royal status behind.

Vardhaman spent the next twelve–and–a–half years in deep meditation and undertook rigorous austerities. He now came to be called Mahaveer, meaning the bravest one, because he remained steadfast in the midst of dangers and hardships.

At the age of 43, he attained enlightenment and became a Tirthankar. He spent the next thirty years preaching and establishing the Jaina religious order (sangha). His teachings are preserved in the Jaina canonical texts, known as Agamas.

Guru Anand

Ocean of Compassionate Joy

Gurudev Rishi Praveen`s own guru was none other than Acharya Shri Anand Rishiji (Anand Gurudev), affectionately known as Rashtra Sant, a revered Jain monk. Over 30 years since his heavenly departure, he continues to reside in countless hearts. True to his name Anand which means joy, his life embodied the essence of living in pure joy, and his very memory brings joy to us.

Endearingly referred to as `Baba` meaning father, his boundless affection and altruistic gaze also makes us wish to call him `Mauli`, symbolizing a mother`s love. An expert in the delicate balance of tough love, he sculpted his disciples with care.

His quest for knowledge knew no bounds. At the age of 92, he continued to acquire new wisdom daily and effortlessly recited verses he had learned years ago. Gratitude, humility and unconditional love were second nature to him.

The betterment of humanity was the sole purpose of his divine life. An extraordinary visionary and leader, he was ahead of his time, and his words and deeds remain relevant even a century later.

Rishi Praveen

Spiritual Life Coach | Intuitive Meditator | Profound Speaker

Among the charismatic and influential Jain monks of today, Upadhyaya Shri Rishi Praveenji is held in high regard and esteem as a multifaceted master! A thinker, a scientist, a psychologist, a philosopher, a religious teacher, and yet if there is one word that describes him the best, it is ‘hermeneutician’ – meaning one who reinterprets the hidden truths of the sacred scriptures!

Life Journey of Gurudev

Birth to Renouncement
Birth to Renouncement

Gurudev Rishi Praveen was born to pious parents Sri Dagdulalji Desarda and Smt. Champabai on October 7, 1957 in Ghodegaon (Ahmednagar, Maharashtra). He studied up to Class 10. Though he was not inclined towards religion, he was spellbound by his father’s devotion to Acharya Sri Anandrishiji of Shraman Sangh. This impacted him greatly and at the young age of 16, he b...ecame a Jain monk at the Acharya’s lotus feet on 24 March 1974 at Bhusaval (Khandesh, Maharashtra). Over time, as he became deeply absorbed on the spiritual path, his detachment from worldly matters grew.

His life is a prime example of how neither education nor spiritual inclination from birth is a prerequisite to touch one’s own greatness.

Gurubhakti, his mantra of life

He now devoted most of his time serving his Master with utmost dedication and in scriptural study. He spent 18 years under the mentorship of Acharya Shri Anand Rishiji studying the Jain Agamas in great detail.

His innate, honest curiosity shaped his multifaceted personality. This is perhaps why his sermons attract listeners from all walks of life. He is kno...wn to strike the orthodox and superstitious mindset of society with his logical observations. He is also adept at connecting with the youth with his dynamic interpretations. Many youth have become his ardent followers after listening to just one of his discourses.

Igniting the inner power
Igniting the inner power

To solidify the clay of knowledge, Gurudev underwent rigorous meditation and austerities in solitude for about 11 months. Taking note of his vast knowledge and sadhana, Acharya Shri Dr. Shivmuniji (4th Pattadhar of Shraman Sangh) bestowed him with the title of Upadhyaya in 2004.

The Rising

Through his transformational words, he has motivated lakhs of people in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, and virtually he has connected with people all over the world. He traverses over 2500 km a year barefoot in order to propagate Jainism.

Enchanting Narration of Mahaveer Gatha
Enchanting Narration of Mahaveer Gatha

Through his unique narrative style, Gurudev brings alive the life and teachings of Tirthankar Mahaveer. He speaks of the life incidents of the Great Seer with such deep intensity that listeners are transported to that timeline. His divine love and surrender to the Tirthankar comes alive in his soulful rendering of Mahaveer Gatha, making the experience one of its kind....

Sowing the seeds of enlightenment – Shrimad Uttaradhyayan Sutra

For many years now, Gurudev enlightens us on the Uttaradhyayan Sutra, which contains the final discourses of Tirthankar Mahaveer. This program goes on for 21 days every year. What gives this series its extraordinary aura is that Gurudev disconnects with the the outside world for this duration and spends his time in silence and meditation, connecting with the energy of... Tirthankar Mahaveer. The only time he speaks is to give his sermon on the great text. With this endeavour, he has ignited divine faith in countless hearts

Breathing Life into Modern Righteousness
Breathing Life into Modern Righteousness

Drawing inspiration from ancient scriptures and traditions, his programs are dedicated to nurturing and uplifting contemporary society. In pursuit of this noble goal, he has struck a welcome balance of the ancient and modern, spirituality and science, and philosophy with practicality.

His initiatives, Navkar Kalash and Gautam Nidhi, are reshaping society at... every step. His sermons on Secret of Karma help seekers to examine their own motives and actions. What helps even more is that he has introduced innovative approaches to the traditional practices of meditation, austerities, fasting, forgiveness and prayer.

Gurudev Rishi Praveenji continues to expand his efforts to ignite spiritual transformation. Whenever he identifies darkness, superstition, confusion or stagnation within the individual, family or society, he offers holistic solutions through his discourses, workshops and programs.

Arham Vijja – Experience the Oasis!

Envisioned by Upadhyaya Shri Rishi Praveen, Arham Vijja is a space which offers solutions for various life problems; a complete process from conception to death. Guided by his study and interpretation of the Agamas, with TIrthankar Mahaveer as his guiding lights, Gurudev has dedicated his own life to offer us a holistic way of life which is joyous and compassionate. T...o fulfill this goal, Arham Vijja conducts workshops, meditation and training programs to enhance our knowledge, character and relationships.

The workshops (Shivirs) are offered in residential, non-residential & virtual forms with the sole motive of awakening each individual’s inner power.

Gurudev leaves no stone unturned. He leaves no pain unattended and no problem unsolved. We approach him with our dilemmas and problems and he reverts with processes and solutions.

With his unconventional ways of challenging the orthodox ideologies from all strata of society, Gurudev has touched the lives of people regardless of age, interest, caste, religion or gender. Some of his programs are Arham Discover Yourself, Blissful Couple, Arham Pregnancy, Arham Parenting, Arham Purushakar Meditation, Arham Ashtamangal Meditation, Arham Kalyanmitra and Arham Mrityunjay among others. Each of these programs provides holistic growth for every stage and situation of life.


He walks with a vision to uplift as many lives as possible with the research-based preachings of Tirthankar Mahaveer in a simplified, practical and impactful manner. A true master, he is a living example of how to live one’s life in accordance with the philosophy of Tirthankar Mahaveer, based on something as simple as confession, atonement and forgiveness.


Gurudev Vihar

अर्हम् विज्जा प्रणेता पूज्य गुरुदेव श्री प्रवीण ऋषिजी म.सा.आदि ठाणा 2 की संभावित धर्मयात्रा :

21 अप्रैल - रात्रि 11:30 बजे से 12:30 बजे तक : महावीर जन्म कल्याण अनुष्ठान, गोयल गार्डन, गंगाधाम, पुणे में 
22 अप्रैल सुबह -  8:30 बजे वडगांव शेरी
23 अप्रैल सुबह - चंदन नगर 
23 अप्रैल शाम - वाघोली 
24 अप्रैल सुबह - क्षेत्रपाल प्रतिष्ठान 
24 अप्रैल शाम - कोरेगांवभीमा
25 अप्रैल - कोंडापुरी
26 अप्रैल - रांजणगाव
27 अप्रैल - घोड़नदी (शिरूर)
27 अप्रैल - शाम अहमदनगर की ओर
2 - 4 मई - अहमदनगर
6 मई से - गुरु आनंदतीर्थ, चिंचोंडी
10 मई - आखातीज पारणा
11-18 मई - श्रीमद उत्तराध्ययन सूत्र आवासीय शिविर
18 मई - भगवान महावीर तीर्थ स्थापना

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