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The Ashtamangal Meditation works on two principles- that of form and color- respectively known as Form Therapy and Colour Therapy. By meditating upon certain sacred Forms and Colors, we infuse their Auspicious properties into our inner body.

It is a set of 8 sacred symbols which have the power to bring in prosperity and positivity. In Ashtamangal Meditation the goal is, "akushal vritti nirodha" which means to erase harmful energy patterns and come into a state of purity and abundance.

It is a complete science, it is a spiritual science. It is not based on any gods, goddesses, community or cult. It's results are not an outcome of faith or devotion, but of the process. Thus, anyone can undertake the Ashtamangal Meditation and find the natural path to joy.

This meditation practice is based on a simple principle - "Akriti gunaan aakhiyati" which means: "As is the form, so is nature." By meditating upon the unique forms of the sacred symbols, it is possible to bring about a transformation in this flexible inner body. This will in turn impact your character and way of life. The Ashtamangal Dhyaan Sadhana is especially designed towards this goal.


  • Peaceful and sound sleep.
  • Helps to cope with anxiety and depression.
  • Balance your relationships, character, thoughts and planning.
  • Increases your concentration, confidence and helps in implementing your vision for a bright future.

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