"Worship of Shrutdev takes you, to the ocean of happiness,
Every saga is a form of mantra, which increases faithfulness."

The Uttaradhyayan Sutra is the supreme auspicious vachan given by the Param Pita Prabhu Mahavir. This is such a benevolent 'light'... to bear which all the gods stayed on the earth for the first time for 3 days..... who used to stay on the earth only for a moment in the past. This was the only religious assembly of God which lasted for 16 hours. The sun light that kept on spreading till sixteen hours...... The vault in which it was reserved forever is the Shrimad Uttaradhyayan Sutra. Pancham Gandhar Sudharma Swami made that boon of God Akshay in letter form, the answers to the questions that will come before us for 21000 years are Shri Utradhyayan Sutra.

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