The pathway to realizing your true potential lies in how you perform your actions

Because guess what? Your actions are the only thing you can always control. You cannot control your thoughts, emotions or other people - only your actions.

The Arham Discover Yourself program teaches you actions to boost your inner power, unleash your life's purpose, experience peace, and live in the present moment.

What's the Program About?

Inside each one of us lies a power bigger and greater than we are aware of. Arham Discover Yourself is a lifestyle program with actions and habits designed to unleash that power in you and make you perform at your best in all walks of life.

We focus on actions that lead to an impact, because no matter how big the challenge in your life is, your actions will always be in your full control.

This course is for anyone who is interested in self-growth and development and has the zeal to live better.

How Arham Discover Yourself is Different

There are 3 key ways in which Arham Discover Yourself is truly different.

        1. It is highly PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE

The program is about 80% actions, and 20% knowledge. It will teach you actions which you can apply. These kriyas (habits) - conceptualized by Rishi Praveen, a renowned Jain Guru after several years of research, reflection, and experiences of thousands of his followers - are extremely unique and powerful.

        2. It is SCIENCE-BASED

Arham Discover Yourself is based on Jain principles like non-violence and forgiveness, and self-restraint, and yet validated by scientific research and rationale. Nothing you will learn is unbacked by science. For example, our color meditation is based on the science of colors, heel-first walking is highly recommended by scientists, and forgiveness is strongly linked to better sleep.

       3. It is INTEGRATED into your daily life

All kriyas integrate perfectly into your daily routine - an effective way to build useful habits that stick. When followed at their best, they will leave you more aware, attentive, and focused throughout the day. It's kind of like being in meditation, 24/7.

You don't have to "plan" these kriyas and actions or make additional effort to complete them - they easily become part of your routine, and deliver the powerful results you need.

       4. It is EVERGREEN

Self-help books, videos, and podcasts are great and inspiring but they don't stay with us. The Arham Discover Yourself techniques will deliver results every night, every morning, and every time you eat, walk or sit. They build a lifestyle which will transform you - every, single, day - and stay with you forever.

Curriculum and Why You Need It

Topics What You Will Learn
 1. Sleeping in Bliss  The science behind sleep and how to maximize the quality of your sleep through a 10-minute, 3-step process.
 2. Eating for Good Health

 Even as eating becomes a mindless act with the advent of phones and TV, discover how to give food the respect it   deserves, and the benefits that it can bring.

 "Derive joy from the process of eating, not the food itself. - Rishi Praveen
 3. Waking Up in Power

 Not able to wake up when you'd like to? Lazy mornings? Unplanned days? Remember: The first few morning   moments of your day are gold!

 Discover how to make the best of them with a 15-minute process to make your mornings wonderful and days   amazing.
4. Walking, Standing, and Sitting for stability and achievement  Discover secrets to sitting, walking, and standing which can make you more stable and fit, and learn kriyas which will   direct your energy in the right direction during each of these acts!
5. Meditating for Holistic Development  Discover a unique, energizing, and fulfilling form of meditation based on the power of colours!

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